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  • Cabot School

    Location: Newton, MA Size: 500 tons of structural steel with ~60,000 sq.ft. of deck

  • ARNE

    Automatic Rolls of New England located in Dayville, CT 220 tons ~16,000 sq.ft. of steel deck

  • OCME

    Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Location: Westfield, MA Project Specs: 85 tons of steel, 15,500 sq.ft. of deck

  • HAFB

    Airmen Dormitory located within the Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA. 110 tons of steel and 16,000 sq.ft.

  • Residence at Stamford

    Located in Stamford, CT 115,000 sq.ft. and 400 tons of structural steel Fabricator: Shepard Steel

  • O'Connell Companies New Office Building

    Holyoke, MA 31,000 Square Feet Fabricator: Shepard Steel

  • Meadowbrook School

    Learning Center located in Weston, MA 46,700 Square Feet 250 Tonnes of Structural Steel

  • Signature Cancer Center

    Signature Cancer Center Brockton, MA Fabricator: Shepard Steel

  • Williams College

    Williams College Science Center Williamstown, MA 74,200 sq ft approximately 492 tonnes of steel GC: Consigli Construction

  • Nantucket. MA

    Nantucket Intermediate School and Cyrus Peirce Middle School Addition 72,000 gsf at the intermediate school designed for 400 students, grades 3-5...

  • Upcoming Projects

    GP East Steel Co. has been awarded with erection contracts in and around the New England area for the next 5+ months. Browse through our portfolio...

  • Management Team

    With over 40 years of combined experience in the structural steel industry, our management team not only brings an unprecedented knowledge base,...